Lie down with morons, get up in Ohio

My coworker is a moron. We’re not talking your run-of-the-mill stupid person here, but a Grade A moron. When hired, she claimed to have computer experience. Guess how she reboots a computer? By turning the monitor off.

But I live in Ohio. What can I expect?

The recent kerfluffle over Kansas’s “Intelligent Design” decision made me wonder why no one was throwing stink bombs at Ohio. Yep, the Buckeye State redefined science long before those Kansan chuckleheads. “The other proposal is backed by intelligent-design advocates and is similar to language in Ohio’s standards.” Not content to be the birthplace of aviation, nope, we have to be the birthplace of ID ideation.

I’m so proud. It makes me want to hug Bob Taft until his eyes pop. But then I’d be a little closer to these thugs than I’d prefer to be. I’ll content myself with sending imaginary secular greeting cards and shopping Target.

3 thoughts on “Lie down with morons, get up in Ohio”

  1. Boy you sure are cranky! Sorry to hear so much unhappiness.

    Cheer Up 🙂

  2. she is unhappy becuase she is not a member of the only true church. The facts are that I know I dont have any monkey ancestors…do you? no, that is why evolution is bunk, becuase no one can remember their monkey grandparents.
    God 1
    Sinners 0

  3. the mind, I’m not always this cranky, just on days that end in y.

    elohimus, I can’t be unhappy if I’ve got you in my corner. You’re praying for me, right?

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